Stefanik plays innocent of attack ads

To the editor:

Elise Stafanik is deceiving a lot of people in the North Country. She said she returned home to “help her family business grow.” Yet after only a very short time “back home” from her other residence in Washington, D.C. (valued at $1.3 million), she began campaigning for Congress.

She let Karl Rove and Paul Singer’s group spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking Matt Doheny, leaving her free to play the innocent. Matt Doheny had to pay for his attack ads.

Did Elise thank Karl Rove and Paul Singer for the money spent by their group to get her elected to be the Republican candidate for Congress?

Although Elise says she “never met Rove” when she worked in the Bush White House, she certainly knew about the work and tactics he used while she was there.

Could it be that her campaign coordinated with the attack ads knowing how Rove worked or even planned them with Karl? Will this dirty way of campaigning continue during her next campaign? Considering her lack of willingness to ask Karl to stop the attack ads against Doheny and the Republican National Committee, along with Karl Rove and Paul Singer’s interest to have this happen, it WILL continue. The RNC wants Republican women to be elected to avoid that “appearance” of NOT wanting women in our Congress.

Elise Stefanik is deceitful. The question is before us. Should someone who has demonstrated such deceipt represent us in Congress? Will she act this way as a congressional member, too? Will we get the “truth” from her, or just partial or half-truths when asked about issues?

Please, we must not elect a person who has used such tactics to be the Republican nominee.

Doug Anderson