ORDA board member should be thanked, not doubted

To the editor:

After 30-plus years of stewardship, the parting shot is not accolades but a story about nothing. When one lives in a town of fewer than 4,000 people, it is next to impossible to find someone that isn’t involved in or doing business with someone else. Is the best candidate a person who has absolutely no chance at having a conflict because they are a hermit, or someone who, through hard work, has assets or successful business interests? I personally vote for the latter.

How the rental, for what could easily be argued is at market or slightly below, of a furnished condo could even remotely be construed as a conflict in my opinion is bunk. To infer there was some nefarious plan borders on comical. Does anyone really think that the $2,500 per month in rent would make or break Serge and his family? Can’t you imagine the smoke-filled room where the alleged collusion occurred? “Rent my one of 87 units for market rates so I can pocket all this extra cash.” It doesn’t seem to merit even a second look, never mind splashy headlines inferring malfeasance.

I think we should be thanking Serge and Ed for their many years of service, not maligning them. Thank you, gentlemen – job well done!

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook