Use motels for other things

To the editor:

I have been reading with great interest the various letters to the Enterprise about the planned hotel construction on Lake Flower. This hotel would replace three motels. I appreciate the opinion of our village fathers when they want to expand the tax base; there is NEVER enough revenue to cover all the needs.

However, this is one of those moments when a decision that turns its back on fiscal needs can shape the community in a positive way for years to come. This mayor and his board have an opportunity to go down in the history of Saranac Lake.

It seems to me that there are two needs that could be served by the existing structures, and the village beach could be returned to Lake Flower.

The town has been searching for adequate housing for the homeless, and there is a group looking for housing for veterans. The configuration of motels with bathrooms for each bedroom should serve these purposes well. Renovation is frequently cheaper than new construction. Perhaps one of the motels could be torn down to make way for a new beach. If nothing else, the copious parking available at these motels would allow citizens to park on the lake side of Route 86, thus making the beach experience safe for families with small children. Between the groups that have been raising money for homeless and veterans housing, and possible state funding, the three owners could get a fair if not an exorbitant price for their motels.

I do hope that the mayor and village board think long and hard before allowing a fortress-like structure to be built on this very busy corner. It is not a site that lends itself to this proposal.


Parmalee Tolkan

Lake Placid