‘Curiously Adirondack’ looks great

To the editor:

Saranac Lake is full of people who do amazing things for the good of the community, but I wonder how many hidden gems we have, being do-gooders while quietly blending into the crowd. I recently had my eyes opened to the incredible opportunities of a local named Josh Clement.

As an interactive producer for Mountain Lake PBS, Josh is passionate about telling those human-interest stories that really capture what a small-town Adirondack community is all about. We all know PBS for “Sesame Street,” “Curious George” and “Masterpiece,” but we don’t all know – or at least I didn’t – of the ever-growing popularity of PBS online. The fact that Josh can produce a five-minute video capturing the crazy things we do (or wear) to escape the bite of the pesky Adirondack black fly and share the video with millions of people with the click of a button is amazing to me. With this capability of one of our own, our community is sure to move forward by leaps and bounds across the nation.

Mountain Lake PBS and Josh want to launch a new series called “Curiously Adirondack” – it’s a look at the weird, wild and wondrous Adirondacks and the people who call them home. PBS is showing their support with a grant to match all donations received for the project until Aug. 5.

Josh has the spirit to tell our unique stories and help build a stronger sense of community. I’ve shown my support for this project, and I strongly encourage everyone in the community to join me by donating to this campaign at http://igg.me/at/curiouslyadk.


Natalie Leduc

Saranac Lake