Rebecca Kelly dancers perform her new ballet about refugees adrift

LAKE PLACID – “Dispossessed,” the new ballet by Rebecca Kelly, will be presented at Lake Placid Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. today.

This is the story of passage of five individuals who leave everything behind except for the hope of a future.

“Early this year on NPR, I heard the heartbreaking story about a refugee who came from Eritria, paying enormous sums of money, surviving the harshest of conditions, and over months traveling across the Atlantic to South America, traveling up from Brazil into Mexico, across the Rio Grande, only to finally arrive in the U.S., and to be separated from her husband, upon discovery that she was now pregnant, was then placed in detention, to be sent back to Eritria,” Rebecca Kelly said. “The story struck me. I simply wondered whose these people are. I wondered about their determination, their courage and their fear. The U.S. receives more refugees than any other country. As I came to learn about the complex issues involved in ‘resettlement, assimilation, deportation, and integration,’ I realized my sense of what a refugee goes through was superficial before. The ballet is the story of a difficult passage of a small group of refugees and their hope for asylum. Who are these dispossessed, leaving their familiar land, their dwellings, without property, status, home or security?”

The 20-minute ballet is set to an evocative score combining spoken word, environmental sounds, and sections of the score “Boundaries” by composer Adrian Carr.

Cast for five dancers, it follows the ordeal of passage of a small group of refugees.

Also on the program are the intricate and vibrant ensemble work “Filigree” (2013) to Telemann’s Concerto in C and “Jibun Jishin” (2014). The Japanese title translates as “My Heart, My Soul” and evokes the strength and agility of geisha and samurai warrior. It is set to a score featuring the marimba and is danced by RKB soloist Therese Miyoshi Wendler.

RKB has been acclaimed in The New York Times for “its fluent decisiveness, appealing elaborate partnering, the most technically accomplished performers, clean and unstrained lifts.”

The RKB dancers include Nile Baker, Giorgia Bovo, Robin Cantrell, Raul Peinado and Therese Wendler.

Rebecca Kelly Ballet, based in SoHo, New York City, has a 30-year association with the Adirondack region building community through participation in the arts. The company hosts a variety of dance activities in upstate New York at the Tahawus Center in AuSable Forks and then on to its annual Artists in Residency program July 14 to 25 at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

In addition to tonight’s performance, the Onstage Youth Performance is Friday, July 25 at 10:30 a.m. Camp and summer school programs are welcome at group rates by prior arrangement.

For tickets, call the LPCA box office at 518-523-2512.