Doheny endorses Stefanik for U.S. Congress

Independence Party candidate Matt Doheny endorsed Republican candidate Elise Stefanik Friday morning in Watertown.

Doheny will no longer campaign for New York’s 21st Congressional District.

Stefanik thanked Doheny and said in a press release that he “waged a hard fought primary and that she respects his decision.

“Now is the time to unite not just Republicans, but members of the Independence Party and Democrats interested in bringing new ideas and a new generation of leadership to Washington on behalf of New York’s 21st Congressional District,” Stefanik wrote in a statement.

Franklin County Republican Chairman Ray Scollin said it’s time for Republicans to now focus their attention on the Democratic and Green Party opponents.

“As anyone who has been paying attention will tell you, this was a very spirited primary to chart the best course toward reclaiming NY-21,” Scollin wrote. “The outcome is clear, and our endorsed candidate, Elise Stefanik, is the choice of district Republicans, Conservatives and independents as we turn out undivided attention to Mr. Woolf, Mr. Funiciello, and the general election.

A spokesperson for the Democratic National Campaign Committee said Doheny “begrudgingly” endorsed Stefanik.

“Matt Doheny was so bitter about how Elise Stefanik relied on special interests to win the Republican nomination that he didn’t even invite her to his press conference to endorse her,” wrote Marc Brumer of the DCCC.