MOB just misses advancing

SARANAC LAKE – The Mountaineers Old Boys (MOB) team split a pair of games Friday in the over-50 division during the first day of the Can-Am Rugby Tournament.

The MOB was overmatched in the first game they played, losing 34-4 to the Chesty Disciples, but rebounded in the second game to beat WARTS 17-8.

“We didn’t have some of the stellar players that we had in the second game,” said MOB coach Sean Morgan. “They just came into town. I have guys from all over the country come play for the MOB.”

The MOB took control of the second game by jumping out to an early lead before giving up a try late in the game. Pat McGuire scored a key try midway through the game. The MOB later tacked on another one.

Although the MOB players initially thought they had advanced to the consolation championship game on Sunday in Bloomingdale, it turns out that they didn’t qualify because they lost a tiebreaker due to the lopsided score in their first game.

“The Old Boys had fun,” Morgan said. “These guys get to be kids again.”

The Mountaineers men’s and women’s teams kick off their tournaments today. The men play Keene States Alumni at 11 a.m., while the women play at 9 a.m. against the Syracuse Women’s Alumni. Both games are at Petrova Elementary School.

Quad Rugby

Friday was also the second and final day of the Quad Rugby Tournament being held at the North Country Community College.

The tournament attracted about two dozen players who played games the two days. Friday wrapped up with a demonstration event for interested players and an all-star game that included U.S. and Canadian players.

Montreal resident Charles LeClerk, a member of the Canadian national team, was one of the players who participated in the tournament. This was his first time in it, and he said he came down to the event after hearing about it from friends.

“It was cool. It was fun. There were lots of new guys,” he said. “For new guys it’s good for them because they’re trying to learn the sport. So I kind of try to teach them.”

Chandler Bullard was one of the coaches who came with the Northeast Passage Wildcats from New Hampshire. He said guys wanted to come and play in part because this is the time of the year when they have a break and they like to fill in the gap with some games.

“A lot of guys were aching to play,” he said.

Bullard said that his organization likes to take advantage of opportunities such as the one presented this weekend to introduce people to the sport of quad rugby. He said often the athletes that pick up the sport really enjoy it and it allows them to be active.

“A lot of these guys that play, never stop,” he said. “Most guys will never leave this game, they love it. Because they get into a car accident, they become paralyzed and they think that they’ll never be competitive again. They won’t play a sport again. And they might have a good life, but they miss playing football. They miss certain things. This is a great opportunity to get the competitive juices flowing and come out and play.”

Players in quad rugby are quadriplegics, meaning they have damage to their limbs and use wheelchairs to get around. The games featured five players on each team and were played on the basketball court.