Lake Flower hotel design updated again

SARANAC LAKE – Lake Flower Lodging has revised its revised design for a proposed 93-room hotel on the lake’s shoreline.

It’s one of two major hotel projects that will be on the village planning board agenda Tuesday night.

Village Community Development Director Jeremy Evans said the board will review the formal application for a planned unit development district that was recently submitted by Chris LaBarge of Lake Flower Lodging LLC. His proposed 93-room Lake Flower Spa and Resort would be built on the site of three existing Lake Flower Avenue motels.

“Tuesday will be to say, ‘We’re close, if not here, with a complete application,’ and talk about some specific issues that he might want some planning board feedback on, with the hope that he can tweak those things and come back in a couple weeks,” Evans said.

LaBarge provided the Enterprise this morning with images of a slightly different design for the proposed hotel that build on a revised design submitted to the village last month.

“The project has made changes based on Village and resident feedback to enhance the visual aspect of the Mansard roof with integrated dormers, in addition, to a new color scheme,” LaBarge wrote in an email.

The Mansard roof in the prior design was more block-shaped. In the new design, the roof is more curved as it runs from top to bottom. There are also several more dormers in the new design. The color of the building has also changed from gray to light green.

In a memo submitted to the planning board, LaBarge wrote that the architecture of the building is Victorian and consistent with other historic commercial buildings in the Saranac Lake area. He provided images of other hotels and cure cottages that he said were built with the same Mansard roof integrated with dormers, such as the Berkeley Hotel, the Ampersand Hotel and the Hotel Algonquin.

“The project design is presented with a balance of height, visual impacts, design consistent with the land-use code, historical Saranac Lake architecture, and architectural elements to break up the mass of the structure,” LaBarge wrote.

Representatives of Roedel Companies, which is restoring the Hotel Saranac, will also attend Tuesday’s meeting for what Evans called a pre-application conference.

“It’s basically for them to say, ‘Hey, this is what we’re up to. Do you have any thoughts? We’re coming back in a month with our formal site plan submission,'” Evans said.

While most of the hotel’s renovations are interior work that doesn’t require planning board review, Evans said some parts of the project will need the board’s OK. That includes Roedel Companies’ proposed parking garage and its pending acquisition of the former Paul Smith’s College dormitory on Church Street.

“It’s everything that needs to be captured under planning board review,” Evans said. “The parking garage is the big thing. It also deals with the change of the use for the dorms and some other exterior things that are planned.”

Renovations to Captain Cook’s Bar and Grill on Broadway, under new ownership and set to be renamed the 1819 Saloon, are also on the planning board’s agenda.

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will be held in the village offices on the second floor of the Harrietstown Town Hall.