Locals receive awards from Clarkson University

POTSDAM – The following students received awards from Clarkson University at the University Recognition Day ceremony during the spring semester:

-Megan M. Borland of Lake Placid., a junior majoring in biomolecular science earned the Raymond R. Andrews Achievement Award. The award is sponsored by friends and past students of Professor Andrews. He taught CM22l for the majority of his 33 years at Clarkson. He was a teacher dedicated to his profession by remaining current with advancing technology and also dedicated to the students, many of whom became personal friends.

-Richard Cerminara of Vermontville, a graduate student majoring in business administration earned The Commendable Service Award: A limited number of Commendable Service Awards are presented annually to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, faculty, staff and administration members who have demonstrated quality in service to their area/organization. The award candidate should be a well-rounded individual who excels in all aspects of college life and is especially dedicated to serving his or her organization.

-Dylan J.W. Dawson of Lake Clear, a senior majoring in information systems and business processes earned the Kyle G. Reichley ’85 Memorial Alumni Scholorship for Excellence In Management Information Systems (MIS): The Kyle G. Reichley ’85 Memorial Alumni Scholarship for Excellence in Information Systems was established at Clarkson in 1991 through the contributions of MIS program alumni who knew Kyle as a student, and was endowed by his parents, Irvin and Jeanne Reichley. The scholarship, presented annually, provides recognition and financial assistance to an Information Systems and Business Processes student who demonstrates high scholastic achievement, professionalism, colleagueship and teamwork, and who exhibits potential for sustained career achievement in information technology.