Three chances to catch ‘The Penguin Tango’

A staged costumed reading of the original play by Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts (Arts Center) Director Stephen Svobroda will make its Adirondack debut with a three-town tour opening tonight in Blue Mountain Lake.

Based on true events as well as the banned children’s book “Tango Makes Three”, Svoboda’s “The Penguin Tango” is set to bring the world of penguin love to the stage.

According to the Arts Center Artistic Associate Danielle Melendez “The Penguin Tango” is told from the perspective of eight zoo penguins. When zookeepers realize that two of their male penguins are trying to raise a rock as their potential young, the zoo goes to extremes to change their “gay” penguins and guarantee that another generation of chicks is born, regardless of the fact that penguins mate for life.

“The play debuted at New York’s Fringe Festival and had to be edited down to one act. This costumed staged reading is back to the original two-act script, “says Melendez. “It’s a comedy with serious subject matter as an underlying tone but we feel it’s appropriate for all ages. Parents should always use their own discretion.”

Melendez says that that the audience will easily identify with one or more of the characters as Svoboda makes each penguin different and unique. Each penguin goes on a specific journey and learns about love as they puzzle over curious human behavior with hilarious outcomes.

“Some extreme measures are taken to alter the penguins behavior to help them breed including a Swedish flamingo,” says Melendez. “It all ends well and the audience can enjoy this comedy while walking away with a lesson inspired by true events. Be okay with who you are even if someone on the outside is trying to change you.”

Look for opening night of “The Penguin Tango” Thursday, 8/14 at the Blue Mountain Lake Arts Center. “The Penguin Tango” will move to Tupper Lake’s Wild Center Friday and the last performance will be at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts Saturday.

Tickets for the Lake Placid show should be purchased directly from LPCA by calling 518-523-2512 while tickets for the other performances can be purchased from the Art Center by calling 518-352-7715.