Bishop’s Fund Appeal raised most funds in 55-year history

The 2013-14 Bishop’s Fund Appeal has raised the most funds ever in its 55-year history.

As of June 30, 2014, the Bishop’s Fund Appeal collected $1,296,023.37 from 10,513 households across the Diocese of Ogdensburg and beyond. This total surpasses the established goal of $1,275,000.

This year, all funds received that exceeded the goal will be used to further supplement the Bishop’s Good Samaritan Fund. This Fund, a ministry of the annual Bishop’s Fund Appeal, assists families and individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties due to work loss, house fires, flooding, high medical expenses and heating costs, and other tragedies.

In addition to surpassing its goal, there were 78 more contributing households compared to the 2012-2013 Appeal. Each year, parishes are given a suggested parish goal for the Appeal. This year, 53 parishes surpassed the Parish Bishop’s Fund Goal.

“What a remarkable expression of generous hearts,” Bishop Terry LaValley said. “With those who benefit directly from the Bishop’s Fund Appeal, I wish to express my profound gratitude to all who contributed to this year’s successful Appeal. In a very real way, more than 10,000 households share in the ministries that this Appeal support.”

The supporters include the following:

-Education of Seminarians

-Family Life Office

-Natural Family Planning Office

-Respect Life Ministry

-Bishop’s Good Samaritan Fund

-Formation for Ministry Program

-Office of Evangelization

-Continuing Education and Formation of Priests

-Priests’ Graduate Studies

-Vocation Office

-Permanent Deacons

-Deacon Formation

-Tuition Assistance Program

-Campus Ministry Program

-Matching Gifts to Catholic Schools

-Department of Christian Formation

-Diocesan Center of Youth Ministry

-Young Adult Ministry

-Guggenheim Center

-Department of Worship

In addition to the pastors, Bishop LaValley also expressed his appreciation to Valerie Mathews and the staff of the Bishop’s Fund Office for their key role in the Appeal’s success.