Town will accept walk-in school tax payments

TUPPER LAKE – Residents can pay their school taxes at the town hall on a walk-in basis this year.

The town board passed a resolution during its Thursday meeting approving the measure.

“Oftentimes, people come into the town office thinking that’s where they pay their taxes for everything anyhow,” town Supervisor Patti Littlefield said. “Normally they used to set up at one of the banks or you’d have to go to the school, and the traffic at the school with the kids and the buses makes that a little bit prohibitive.”

School taxes are mailed out Sept. 1. Anyone looking to pay their school taxes in person can do so at the office. Those opting to mail them in should send the payment to the school.

Town Clerk Laurie Fuller told the Enterprise preparing for the new task has been a painless process.

“The school approached me and asked me if I would be interested in doing it, and I said I would,” Fuller said. “They need an outside source to collect because the school, during the day, is all locked up. They are coming to download their program onto my computer, which is similar to what I already have with the town taxes, they’re going to supply me with a cash box and that’s it.”

Last year, school taxes were collected at the Community Bank at 314 Hosley Ave. That branch is slated to be consolidated into the 75 Park St. branch, but the date for that hasn’t been announced.